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Whether you enjoy raising flowers or vegetables, you will find The Gardeners of Lima a friendly group of folks who share your enthusiasm.

You may learn a few things from some of our more experienced garden hands, and you may bring some fresh ideas of your own.  Together, we may find our thunbs turning a little greener.


Get to know your fellow gardeners

If you live in or near Lima, Ohio, and you have an interest in gardening, you are invited to attend The Gardeners of Lima.


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Downtown planters, big annual project

Club members plant flowers in Lima's downtown.


Lots of fun and fellowship while bringing beauty to the city.

Preparation is important


Members getting soil in pots ready for Spring planting

New plants taking hold


Club members, along with thousands of others, enjoy the flowers from Spring through Fall. 

other events


Spring Plant Sale

Our biggest fund-raiser.  Geraniums are our specialty, but we also feature hanging baskets, and lots of annuals, perennials and herbs.

In the Fall we take orders for Poinsettias for early December delivery.


Garden Tour

 Tour of gardens of previous year's home beautification awards.

Starting in 2018 we expect to make two awards, one for a city lot and one for a rural lot.


Big Tomato Contest

Members vie for the heaviest home-grown tomato.

fun times

Halloween Party


Members come in costume.

Who would you like to be?

Carved Pumpkin Contest


Another part of the Halloween party.

What would you like to create?

Christmas Banquet


Good food and entertainment

along with installation of officers

newsletter, "sprigs N sprouts"

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The Gardeners of Lima

8230 Sugar Creek Rd., Lima, OH 45801

(419) 643-8450